CNC Milling

We are able to offer 3 axis CNC Milling with a tool magazine capacity of up 30 tools per machine with availability of 4 machines. The largest of these CNC milling machines has a working area of 1020mm x 530mm x 575mm. We utilise the Siemens 810D Shopmill Control and Mazatrol system, reducing the downtime for changeovers. Batch sizes can be from 1 to 10,000 or more if required.

CNC Turning

We have high volume bar fed CNC Turning capabilities as well as conventional turning. The CNC Turning has a capacity of ΓΈ380mm x 550mm maximum turned length with a 1500mm bar feed system. Using the 12 station live tooling facility our CNC machines can produce complex shapes including hexagonals, flats, PCDs, keyways and crossdrilled holes at high throughput with fast cycle times and scope for 24 hour unsupervised operation. They are equally well suited to smaller batch work and prototype samples.

Precision Machining and Toolmaking

We offer a broad range of precision engineering services which include conventional milling, conventional turning, surface grinding, routing and general jig & fixture assembly work.

CNC turned components manufactured by Phillips Engineering - CNC Turning and CNC Milling specialists in South Wales